eRequest HR Applications Overview

The eRequest HR Applications suite is an optional component of the Bluefish Systems eRequest system. The HR Applications suite offers organizations an all-in-one solution for managing job descriptions, employment applications, and hiring and terminating employees. The suite includes a complete Online Applications website that allows both internal and external users to apply for positions, submit resumes, and track the status of their current applications.

Organizations using the HR Applications suite have access to many other features, including customized job-posting options, disposition tracking, and a complete Position Control feature that defines which jobs have been authorized for individual departments. Employee change forms (transfers, promotions, etc.) are also completely incorporated into the HR Applications suite.


Online Applications Website The Online Applications website is easy to use, and can be completely rebranded to your organization's specifications.

eRequest Position Control Managers have easy access to their entire department's Position Control. Posting a vacant position can be accomplished with just a couple of clicks.

Postings on the web Individual postings can be displayed directly on your organization's existing website.

Features & Benefits

The eRequest HR Applications suite of software is designed to streamline the process of posting jobs and managing job descriptions.

Post Jobs Instantly
Once approved, job descriptions can be made instantly available on the Online Applications website. Managers and recruiters no longer need to re-key or reformat descriptions for the web.
Complete Integration with eRequest
Job descriptions are created and managed within eRequest, offering instant routing and a complete audit trail.
Customized Broadcast Rules
Job postings can be configured to show up on the Online Applications website on a specific day, and for a specific amount of time. Managers can also specify whether individual postings are broadcast externally, internally, or both.

Detailed Applicant Information
The Online Applications website collects a wide variety of data from applicants, including resumes and cover letters, past employment information, education records, convictions, and more. Managers and recruiters can use this information to quickly determine whom to interview.
Disposition Tracking
All job postings feature a sophisticated disposition tracking tool, allowing managers and recruiters to document each applicant's progress throughout the hiring process. Such data is invaluable to organizations should they find themselves involved in lawsuits.
Real-Time Position Control
All job descriptions tie into each department's Position Control, which helps prevent managers from posting positions that have not been authorized by the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we purchase the HR Applications suite without eRequest? The HR Applications suite is directly tied to many of the other great features found in eRequest, and is a component of that system.