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the Bluefish Systems Team

Fifteen years ago Arkansas Children’s Hospital made the strategic decision to supplement its investment in Meditech with systems developed in-house that extended and embraced the Meditech platform. Fast forward to 2010--with 500 proven systems in place and national recognition from Microsoft, Meditech, and hundreds of pediatric and Meditech hospitals, it was time to share the best of these systems with the outside world.

Rather than simply licensing these systems to third-party vendors, Bluefish Systems was created to harness not only these systems but also the talented team of over 30 developers, designers and implementation specialists who created them.

This team is now excited to share the wealth of proven, successful solutions with the entire health care community.

Many organizations have already taken advantage of the work and investments made over the last 15 years and are enjoying the mature, integrated, and clinically driven solutions offered by Bluefish Systems.



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Why Pick Us?

Our systems were developed and tested in real hospitals and have evolved over many years. Don't take a risk on vaporware dreamed up in a marketing meeting.

  • Developed in a real hospital
  • Mature products that have been in use for many years
  • Work in Meditech Magic, Client/Server and 6.0
  • Clinician tested, clinician approved
  • Award-winning, nationally recognized
  • Fully supported, with training and documentation

We just didn’t realize that you could do this with Meditech – the folks at Bluefish Systems really "blue" us away!
Carol Graham
Vice President, Ambulatory Care Services
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