Training System

Training System Overview

The Training System is a complete Learning Management System (LMS) designed specifically for health care institutions. The system offers an easy and effective way to manage the training, licenses, certifications, and competencies for all staff across an entire organization.


The Training System Main Menu The Training System Main Menu

Employee Education Records Tracks each employee's education record

Training System administrators have access to the Training System Management Suite, which allows users to create course curricula, manage course schedules and rosters, and run a variety of reports. End users access the Training System via an easy-to-use website. Users can browse and sign up for courses, access their complete education records, and submit outside course work for approval.

Courses can be configured to require optional or required evaluations and post-tests. Course credits are not issued to attendees until ALL of the different course requirements are satisfactorily met. Of course, all transactions are logged in the system, helping to ensure that your organization has a solid audit trail in place.

Features & Benefits

Online or In Person
The Training System is designed to contain and manage training courses for an entire institution. Courses can be configured as either online, complete at your own pace courses, or as more traditional classroom sections. Each course can have one or more sections associated with it, and roster sizes/curricula can be determined by the course instructors.
Certification Management
The Training System was designed specifically to handle health care certifications and licensure, including CPR, RN licenses, and more. Courses can be set such that certifications are automatically renewed upon successful course completion.
External Content
The Training System can easily import external course content (CHEX, etc.), allowing course instructors to import all class materials, assessments, post tests, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long has the Training System been in production? The Training System has been in production since 2004.
  • Our institution does not use Meditech. Can we still use the Training System? The Training System can be deployed at any institution, even those that do not use Meditech.