Clinic Self Registration Overview

Let patients register themselves in less than 2 minutes and significantly reduce staffing costs. Touchscreen-based patient sign in and registration kiosks, that are fullly integrated with Meditech scheduling and admissions and with plasma-screen waiting-room dashboards.

Watch a patient self register!

Features & Benefits

The self registration process has been painstakingly refined and tested to be fast and easy enough for patients of every age-group.

Faster Registrations
Quicker registration makes patients and physicians happier! Our system reduces most registrations to less than 2 minutes
More accurate information
Patients always review all key parts of their admission record every time they visit and can indicate what information is not longer accurate.
Works in Spanish!
Our self sign in lessens reliance on interpreters by allowing Spanish-speaking patients to be guided through the self registration process in their native language.

Track and report
The self registration system fully integrates with Meditech NPR scheduling and tracks sign-in, appointment and registration timestamps to allow you to track and report on problems caused by late arrival.
Real-time integration
The systems is fully integrated with Meditech Community-wide Scheduling and Admissions to allow self registration of newly made appointments with the most current admissions information.
Reduce staffing
Because the system not only captures registration information but also automatically registers the patient in Meditech, organizations have enjoyed staff savings between 20-40% as a result of implementing this system.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this work when a patient has multiple appointments on the same day? The patient only registers at the first location, but is encouraged to sign-in electronically at each clinic or ancillary service they visit so staff can track their progress.
  • Can the questions asked at the kiosk be changed? The organization may change the questions asked to ensure they are relevant to their registration process.