Patient Care Applications


A complete, real-time web based clinical portal so easy to use that hundreds of caregivers are using it with no training. Also included is template-based documentation with patient, lab and pharmacy integration.

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A patient bed-side education, entertainment and communication system deeply integrated with your system. No proprietary TVs or computers are used. The system can be customized and features added using standard Microsoft programs.

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Patient Dashboards

Improve patient flow, speed up keyboard intensive tasks and ditch the whiteboards and paper schedules. Beautiful, customized interfaces that help front-line staff quickly and easily manage patients, tasks and more.

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Business & Productivity Applications

Get things done faster with eRequest. Post a new position, submit a purchase request, or create and route any form in minutes, not days. Deep integration with Meditech, Active Directory and the applicant web site lets you completely automate all your HR and financial processes.

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Post a new position on-line in seconds and avoid costly job applicant web sites. A companion module to eRequest, this complete online system includes job posting, application, routing, review and hiring functions.

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Get rid of paper staff schedules and experience the power of the most integrated, accessible and easy-to-use staff scheduling system available. Options include tie-ins with Kronos, Microsoft Outlook, and leading training systems.

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Consolidate and manage all your education, training, licensure and certification in one place. A web-based learning management system (LMS) with a unified education record, certification and license tracking, and deep integration with Meditech.

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Other Applications

Patient Tracking
Increase clinic productivity by up to 20% and improve communication between clinic staff and physicians. This touchscreen- and dashboard-based patient flow system automates the clinic room flagging process as well as the communication of patient status and location between providers.
Clinic Self Registration
Let patients register themselves in less than 2 minutes and significantly reduce staffing costs. Touchscreen-based patient sign in and registration kiosks, fullly integrated with Meditech scheduling and admissions and with plasma-screen waiting-room dashboards.
Patient Web Portal
Provide your patients with a web portal that is meaningful and useful to them. Our full-service patient web portal allows patients to review and pay bills, review or reschedule appointments download their medical records, interact with in-house patients, purchase gifts and make donations.
ED Touchscreen Tracking
Don't slow down your ED by using a keyboard and mouse. Our touchscreen-based electronic triage and real-time patient tracking system fully integrates with Meditech Admissions, Lab, Rad and Order Entry.
Bed Management
Improve patient flow by up to 40% with an all-inclusive approach to bed management. Our touchscreen-focused system is fully integrated with the ED, clinics, inpatient units, environmental services, Meditech Order Entry and Meditech Admissions. It also includes extensive patient flow tracking and reporting.
Real-time Registration Audits
Reduce failed and re-worked claims by identifying and correcting registration problems as they happen. The system evaluates 160 registration and billing business rules in real time. Issues needing attention are clearly displayed so that staff can correct them before the patient leaves.
Job Postings & Applications
Post a new position online in seconds and avoid costly job applicant web sites. eRequest is a complete online job posting, application, routing, review and hiring system. Full integration with Meditech Position Control and Payroll/Personnel means you’ll never be hand keying new hires again.
Kronos Clocking
Save money on costly, dedicated timeclocks. Our solution is fully integrated with Kronos Time & Attendance and is significantly less expensive. Staff members use their badges to quickly sign-in and record their time.
Electronic Pay Stub
Free payroll staff from the chore of printing and mailing pay stubs. Electronically generated employee paystubs are in PDF format, password protected with last 4 digits of SSN, and can be viewed online or emailed to each employee.
Pharmacy Scanning
Transmit orders to your inpatient pharmacy electronically and stop chasing faxes or calling about missing medications. Our system lets you scan pharmacy orders from inpatient units, clinics and the ED and track them as they are sent electronically to the pharmacy. The pharmacy views all incoming orders on-screen and processes them without the need to print.
Radiology Order Verification
Allow radiology to verify the physicians’ signed orders without having to manage a mountain of paper forms! Our system enables electronic linking of a scanned physician order to every radiology exam, and consequently allows radiology techs to verify physician orders prior to performing exams.
Nurse and Attending Assignments
Are your patients assigned to the correct nurse and attending? Our touchscreen-based system allows nurses, residents and attending physicians to quickly assign themselves to patients, or take over a patient load from another clinician and is fully integrated with Meditech..
Crash Cart Documentation
Never miss documenting another crash cart, AED or defibrillator again. Use computers on wheels (COWs) or PCs to electronically document crash cart, AED and defibrillator status. Staff are alerted to the need to complete documentation via clinic or inpatient electronic dashboards and the system produces JCAHO-required reporting.
Automated Clinical Document Faxing
Save time and money by letting the computer fax notes and reports as soon as they are ready. Our system can automatically fax any information in Meditech based on a variety of customizable triggers.
Web-based Growth Charts
Save time in clinics using automatically generated growth charts from real-time Meditech data. These web-based growth charts include any inpatient or outpatient measurements stored in Meditech, CDC growth percentile curves, and values provided by parents or PCPs.
Budgeting System
Get a better grasp of your finances with budgets flexed daily by department specific volumes. Fully integrated with Meditech GL and Payroll/Personnel Modules, our system is able to flex any aspect of the personnel or non-personnel budget on volumes such as adjusted patient days, census, RVUs or inflation.
Receiving System
Deliver and track goods just like FedEx®! Integrated with Meditech, our solution allows receiving staff to use hand-held devices to deliver packages by scanning the package and the employee badge. Upon delivery, goods are automatically received in Meditech.
Purchase Order Faxing
Speed up the purchasing process with automatic faxing of POs entered into Meditech. Purchasing agents can review all recently created purchase orders, initiate faxing to the vendor listed in Meditech, re-fax, or attach documents.
Referral Tracking
Never miss another referral! Our system is fully integrated with Meditech Scheduling and Admissions, and automatically analyzes upcoming appointments and referrals received to determine when new referral requests are needed. Referral requests are then sent to the PCP who may then give the referral online or fax back.
Remittance Processing
Get your money faster with centralized processing of all 835 and paper remittance notices for B/AR. Scan paper remittance notices, upload 835 files and reduce errors by "scrubbing" claims prior to upload into Meditech.
Automated Chart Audits
Save time and money by automating the creation of patient charts needed for audit or review. The system integrates with Hyland, Valco or Meditech’s document scanning solutions.
Patient Acuity
Web- and touchscreen-based patient acuity documentation system that is fully integrated with Meditech Admissions and B/AR.
Piggy Bank
Allow your staff and patients to enjoy the convenience of cash-less purchases at any hospital retail location. Using employee badges, electronic coupons, or key ring loyalty cards issued to patients, sales are automatically charged to pre-paid balances or withheld from employee paychecks.
HR Document Management
Save storage space and time—move all your employee files online. Fully integrated with Meditech Payroll/Personnel, this solution provides a web-based document management system for the entire employee record.
Child Day Care
Full web- and touchscreen-based Child Day Care management system that tracks enrollment, tuition, attendance, accident reporting, waiting lists, room assignments, and emergency codes.
Security Incident Tracking & Dispatch
Web-based incident and dispatch recording and tracking system for security departments. Allows the creation of new incident reports with routing, review and approval by security personnel. Sophisticated summary reporting for managers and administrators.
Employee ID Badges
Fully integrated with Meditech Payroll/Personnel, allows the creation, printing and re-printing of employee badges. Badges are also automatically encoded for proximity readers and/or magnetic door access and printing of employee barcodes.
Info Central
Far faster than looking up internal phone numbers on a web page or in a paper directory, the Info Central program is always loaded and instantly available in the users' task tray (next to their clock).
Hospital Screen Saver
Get your message across with a screen saver that displays customized images and text on all PCs at your organization. Images and text are centrally controlled from an administrator who can update all screen savers in real-time.
Mobile Stats
Feed your email habit! Allow any employee to instantly request and receive an email of up-to-the minute statistics on hospital census, appointments, ED load, and other metrics. Fully customizable to send many different data types.
Appointment Reminder Letters
Automates and simplifies the appointment reminder letter process with an itinerary-style letter that highlights what each patient needs to know to get to her appointment prepared and on-time.
Fax Anything You Can Print
Fax from any Windows program (including Meditech) just like you print. Allows tracking of fax status and re-faxing of documents to other numbers.
Patient Financial Statements
Automate the creation of easy-to-read patient statements that can be electronically delivered to any bulk mailing facility for production. We offer unlimited revisions of the statement format to accommodate your changing requirements and the ability for patients to “quick-pay” their bills via the web.
Touchscreen Room Schedules
Never miss another meeting! This web-based conference room scheduling system uses touchscreens outside each conference room to display current meeting, upcoming meetings, maps and other directional information.