Pharmacy Scanning Overview

Transmit orders to your inpatient pharmacy electronically and stop chasing faxes or calling about missing medications. Our system lets you scan pharmacy orders from inpatient units, clinics and the ED and track them as they are sent electronically to the pharmacy. The pharmacy views all incoming orders on-screen and processes them without the need to print.


Orders are scanned in via Touchscreen or PC Orders are scanned in via Touchscreen or PC

Touchscreens are easy to use Touchscreens are quick and easy to use for busy clinicians on the go.

Select the patient Select the patient

Place the order in the scanner Place the order in the scanner

Choose the priority Choose the priority

Barcode verification Form barcodes are verified against patient selected

Order is sent to Pharmacy Order is sent to Pharmacy

Pharmacy Inbox Pharmacy sees all orders in their "inbox"

Order entered into Meditech Order open and entered into Meditech

Features & Benefits

Get Medication Orders to the Pharmacy in seconds, and stop worrying about lost faxes and endless phone calls trying to track down an order.

Scan Orders from a PC or touchscreen
Small, unobtrusive document scanners are connected to existing PCs or for the most convenience, mounted on touchscreens in the unit.
Barcode Verification
Barcodes on the scanned form are matched to the patient selected to ensure the correct order is transmitted for each patient
Images available instantly
As soon as the image is sent from the unit, it is instantly visible to all pharmacists in their order inbox.

No more lost orders!
Using web-based and plasma dashboards, unit staff can track the status of an order in real-time and see when an Rx # is created, and when the order is tubed to the unit.
Order Archiving
All orders are archived for 7 years and can be automatically sent to Meditech's Archiving and Scanning Module using the cold-feed interface.
Sophisticated Tracking and Reporting
All orders are time stamped when scanned, acknowledged, entered to Meditech and sent to the unit, allowing extensive turn-around-time reporting and analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do we have to use touchscreens? No, the orders can be scanned using existing PCs or Computers on Wheels (COWs)
  • What kind of scanners can we use? Any brand of TWAIN compatible scanner will work with the system.
  • Will the system work for any Health Information System? Yes, the system will work with any Health Information System, not just Meditech.


The pharmacy scanning system not only reduced the number of pharmacy medication errors, but also drastically improved our turn around time for pharmacy orders.
Jim Parks, Pharmacy Manager, Arkansas Children's Hospital