Patient Tracking Overview

Touchscreen and plasma dashboard-based patient management and flow system, automating the clinic room flagging process as well as the communication of patient status and location between providers. Our solution allows for integration with Meditech Scheduling, Admissions, Lab, Rad and Self Registration.


Patient Flow Touchscreen Touchscreens provide a quick and easy way to manage flow.

Conference Room Plasma Screen Physicians and other care providers can visualize clinic volumes in an instant.

Sophisticated Reporting Sophisticated reporting lets you find bottlenecks.

Features & Benefits

The Patient Flow system is designed to streamline patient flow in outpatient clinics, allowing physicians and clinic staff to manage patients, rooms, orders, exams, and labs in real-time. Our system has sophisticated tracking and reporting to capture all key events highlighting bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

Full Meditech Integration
The system is fully integrated with Meditech NPR Scheduling, Admissions, Order Entry and Lab. Staff never have to re-enter data already keyed into Meditech.
Efficient Room Management
No longer do staff have to "hunt" for an empty room -- the entire clinic can now be visualized and patients quickly assigned to the most appropriate room.
Faster Patient Turn-around
Physicians can instantly see and hear when patients are placed in rooms and waiting to be seen, rather than having to rely on verbal communication or sticky notes.

Order Entry, Radiology and Lab Notifications
Don't waste time continually checking for returned lab and radiology results -- the dashboards and touchscreens automatically flag order status.
Patient Tracking across Multiple Clinics
Continue to track patients as they go to secondary clinics or ancillary testing locations and allow notification of when they return.
Sophisticated Reporting
Understand how your clinic is working with drill-down reporting allowing you to track and analyze up to 16 events per visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we use patient tracking if we don't use Meditech NPR Scheduling? Yes. Bluefish Systems has experience integrating scheduling systems from other health care vendors.


The patient flow system helped us improve clinic efficiency and continually measure our performance over time.
Mark Winslow, Director of Business Operations, Ambulatory Care Services