Kronos Clocking Overview

Full integration with Workforce Kronos Time & Attendance touchscreens. Staff members use their badges to quickly sign-in and record their clocked and non-clocked transactions.


Kronos Touschreens The customizable Kronos interface is very easy to use and very intuitive.

Kronos Menu The inteface changes dynamically based on your clocked in stauts and promotes the most common task to do next.

Kronos Clock-in Quickly clock in/out with less than three touches makes for quick and easy staff adoption.

Kronos Touschreens Easily clock multiple time-off / non-clocked days with one transaction.

Kronos Menu We will pull in your customized departments, job classes and pay codes in a any to select touch interface.

Kronos timesheet View your current timesheet in real-time.

Features & Benefits

Don't pay outrageous fees for Kronos' time and attenance touchscreens. They can only do one single function. Ours run standard Windows OS and are easy to support by your existing enterprise or IT shop. Device hardware is inexpensive and can be used in conjuntion with other clinical products we have.

With a badge scan or another type of authentication, you can be clocked in or out in less than 3 touches.
Complete Integration with Kronos
Pulls in your existing dictionaries of pre-set Kronos values and rules and provides a nice-looking easy to use interface.
Do you have or have priced Kronos' touchscreens for time & attendance? Our touchscreens are a fraction of the cost and can be used for other clinical or windows-based applications.

View Timecards
Give the power to your employees and staff to view their own timecards in real-time. Allow them to see their current clocked status and allow them to fix clocking mistakes with your approval.
Clinical Access, too?
Other products we have can be used in conjunction with your investment in our touchcsreens. Contact us for a comprehensive demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I purchase my own hardware?
    You bet, we are a software company but will gladly recommend some vendors for cheap reliable hardware.
  • If I have Clincial Touschreens can I add-on Kronos?
    Yes, with a small configuration change, your staff can clock-in and continue to access their clinical information from the same device.