Web-based Growth Charts Overview

Real-time generation of web-based growth charts including all inpatient or outpatient measurements stored in Meditech or your health information system. Plots patient measurements with the CDC or World Health Organization (WHO) growth percentile curves, and allows entering of values provided by parent or PCP. This product gives you the ability to zoom in on any section of the growth chart and view the associated data (including Z scores) in a data grid with the graph. Graphs are color coded for gender and have many configurable options and a print-friendly format.

Online Applications Website See a quick and easy summary of the most recent growth measurements on one screen with indications of percentile scores and changes since the last visit.

eRequest Position Control View a fully interactive growth chart with a zoom feature; percentile curves and data points are generated automatically from data stored in your HIS.

Postings on the web View a complete history of all inpatient, outpatient and parent/PCP provided measurements in seconds.