CareHub Overview

CareHub is a award-winning, state-of-the-art in-room patient "edutainment" system. With CareHub, patients access educational materials, communications tools, and entertainment ALL at their bedside. Patients can record and pause live TV, watch age-appropriate movies and listen to music on-demand, browse the internet, chat, keep a journal, and much more. All CareHub features can be easily controlled by both hospital staff and by the patient's parents/guardians.

Read what Dr. Bill Crounse, Microsoft's Worldwide Director of Health has to say about CareHub

The core CareHub system uses off-the-shelf hardware, not expensive proprietary components, and is flexible enough to adapt to your existing environment. Additionally, an optional CareHub Patient Portal allows families and friends to stay connected to the patient via the internet.


CareHub Main Menu The CareHub bedside system main menu

Patient using CareHub Patient accessing educational materials on CareHub

Webcams in CareHub CareHub accepts webcam feeds

CareHub Patient Portal The CareHub Patient Portal

Uploading Media via the CareHub Patient Portal Uploading music/videos via the CareHub Patient Portal is easy!

Reviewing CareHub System Usage Reviewing/managing CareHub system usage

Accessing Medical Records Users access medical records online

Email Featues Users receive online appointment reminders

Features & Benefits

The CareHub system was designed with patients in mind. Originally conceived as a delivery mechanism so patients could access educational information, CareHub has blossomed into a multimedia experience that delights both patients and families.

Educational Materials
Educational videos and documents can be viewed directly on each patient's touchscreen. This is a particularly useful way to deliver diagnosis-specific materials to patients and their families. Doctors can also use the CareHub system to pull up a variety of medical records and radiology images, and explain them to the patient at the bedside.
Communication Tools
The CareHub system contains a fully functional internet browser, and patients can use the CareHub chat system to chat with patients around the hospital, or with their friends and family members. Patients can also use CareHub to keep a journal of their experiences.
Patients can record and watch live TV, and have access to age-appropriate video and music libraries.* Patients can play a variety of games on the XBox 360 system, or use the touchscreen to play Flash-based games at the bedside. CareHub can also be configured to display live feeds from webcams placed around the hospital.

* Video and music libraries are subject to additional licensing agreements from ASCAP, BMI, and other licensing entities. Please contact BlueFish Systems for additional details.

CareHub Web - A Patient Portal

Bluefish Systems also offers a companion website to the in-room CareHub system. The CareHub Patient Portal contains a core set of features available to all users, but also gives parents/guardians some additional tools if their child is currently staying in the hospital.

General Features

The following features are always accessible via the CareHub Patient Portal:

  • Control who can interact with the patient
  • View educational information
  • View upcoming and past appointments
  • Schedule/reschedule appointments
  • View and pay medical bills
  • Download copies of medical records

Additional Features for Inpatient Users

The following features are available when the patient is staying in the hospital:

  • Upload photos/music directly to the patient's room
  • Manage the patient's in-room features (curfew, etc.)
  • Chat with the patient
  • Make gift shop purchases for the patient
  • Make foundation donations

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long has CareHub been in production? CareHub has been in full production since 2008.
  • Our institution does not use Meditech. Can we still use the Training System? CareHub can be deployed at any institution, even those that do not use Meditech.


You just have to love it when a truly dedicated clinical and IT staff put their heads together and come up with a solution that is truly best in class.
Bill Crounse, MD, Worldwide Health Director - Microsoft Corporation

The system is totally awesome in helping me stay in touch with school, friends and family during extended hospital stays. My doctor has used the bedside monitor to review test results with him. And the TV, movies and Xbox games are way cool!
Christopher, Patient at Arkansas Children's Hospital