Budgeting System Overview

Real-time budgeting system fully integrates with Meditech General Ledger and Payroll/Personnel Modules. This system gives you the ability to flex any aspect of personnel or non-personnel budget on any number of volumes and variables, such as adjusted patient days, census, acuity, or inflation. The personnel budget is produced by day, shift, department, job code and earnings type adjusting for shift differential, holidays, vacation coverage, agency and premium pay.


Online Applications Website Analyze historical pay trends by department, job title and month.

eRequest Position Control Supports historical-based budgeting using any period, or zero-based budgeting.

Postings on the web Complete sophisticated "what if" analyses of different budget assumptions.

Features & Benefits

Produce a detailed budget that can flex based on multiple volumes by department, object code and month.

Flex Any Budget Part on Any Number of Volumes
Any department or object code can be flexed by day or month based on historical and budget volumes.
See Paid Hours Budgeted by Day of the Week
Not every day is the same - paid hours adjust for the day of the week, time of the day, and for paid holidays and vacation coverage letting you analyze the budget for a real day of the year.
Gather Budget Data from Departments using eRequest
Further streamline the budgeting process by using the eRequest System to allow mangers to build, document and route departmental budgets for approval. The budgeting system has tight integration with eRequest, eliminating collection and re-keying of departmental data by budgeting staff.

Tight Integration with Meditech
The system uses Meditech General Ledger and Payroll/Personnel data to automatically build historical expense patterns, accurate pay rates, vacation profiles and estimated cost-of-living increases that are specific to the actual employees working in each department and job role. Staff are saved the chore of printing, keying and gathering historical information from Meditech and data are refreshed each time the budget is re-processed.
Sophisticated Drill-down Reporting
Sophisticated and flexible reporting lets budget staff analyze the data with Excel pivot tables and graphs or web-based reporting and produce formatted budget packets for distribution to managers.
What If Analyses
Quickly change key budget assumptions and departmental volumes to produce what if analyses at both a hospital and departmental level.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this solution integrate with the Budget in Meditech?After the budget has been built and finalized, the system includes a process to load the budget into the Meditech General Ledger Module.