Caregiver-Patient Assignments Overview

Fully integrated with Meditech Nursing, Order Entry and Admissions, this touchscreen-based system allows nurses, residents and attending physicians to quickly assign themselves to patients, or take over a patient load from another clinician. This reduces the transfer process of multiple patients from one caregiver to another to 3 screen touches vs. hundreds of keystrokes in Meditech.

Online Applications Website Make use of convenient touchscreens to quickly complete patient assignments.

eRequest Position Control Take over all the patients assigned to a caregiver in one easy action.

Postings on the web Our system makes all the necessary changes in Meditech so you can continue taking care of the patients.

Features & Benefits

Improve patient safety with more accurate and timely nurse, attending, and resident assignments.

Up-to-date Attending Assignments
Accurate attending assignments during the entire patient visit improves communication between caregivers.
Encourage In-person Hand-offs
The system can be configured to facilitate communication at shift change by requiring both caregivers to scan their employee badges to complete the patient transfer.
Integration with Meditech
Caregiver assignments recorded on the touchscreen are automatically transferred to Meditech Admissions and Nursing Modules.

Allow assignments to be Managed by Other Staff
In the fast-paced clinical environment, it is sometimes necessary for other staff to make an assignment on behalf of the caregiver. Our system allows you to determine who can make assignments on behalf of caregivers.
Improve Patient Care
The ability for all patient care staff to know who the current nurse, resident or attending is for any given patient can result in more streamlined patient care.
View Assignment History
The touchscreens also show the last assignments for each patient, allowing you to quickly see who was the caregiver for a previous shift.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the caregiver-patient assignment system integrate with your other touchscreen solutions? The caregiver-patient assignment system is a module that can be installed with other clinical touchscreen systems or can be installed as a stand-alone system.