Patient Acuity Overview

Bill the patient for the nursing care REALLY provided. Our web or touchscreen based patient acuity documentation system is FULLY integrated with Meditech Admissions, Scheduling and B/AR. Nurses SIMPLY document each patient’s acuity via touchscreens or the web. These values are then be summarized and posted to B/AR as the patient's daily room charge. This solution has been successfully implemented in inpatient/outpatient clinics and the ED for timely and accurate tracking of patient care hours.


Simple Documentation Nursing documentation is fast and simple, allowing nurses to focus on patient care.

Rating System The rating system is based on 8 years of actual use and 3 research studies.

Summarized Data Documentation is summarized and posted to B/AR for each of the patient's locations.

Features & Benefits

Patient Acuity documentation and billing allows a more ACCURATE and consistent relationship among hours spent caring for the patient, staff costs and patient visit charges.

HASSLE-FREE Documentation
Refined over 8 years of actual in-hospital use, the nursing acuity documentation is completed without a keyboard in a few clicks over the web or on in-unit touchscreens.
Missing documentation? You WILL know
Use our web or plasma-based dashboards to quickly see which patients have outstanding documentations required, and alert staff to required documentations at discharge or shift change.
SOPHISTICATED Web-based Reporting
Allow managers and shift coordinators to get a real-time, house-wide summary of nursing hours used for the current patient census.

COMPLETE Integration with Meditech
Don't ask nurses to re-key or write anything more! Patient Acuity seamlessly integrates with Admissions, Scheduling, and B/AR without the need to re-enter any patient information.
Each night the system analyses charges posted to B/AR for the last 30 days with the current documentation and automatically determines all new and revised charges that need to be posted.
DETAILED Reporting
A suite of web-based reports available to managers and analysts to drill-down into relationships between staffing and documented patient acuity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we implement Patient Acuity without touchscreens? Yes, but... it requires either the web-based dashboards or clinical touchscreens to provide the easy-to-use data screen for staff. The touchscreens increases staff efficiencies!