ED Patient Tracking Overview

Don't slow down your ED by using a keyboard and mouse. Our touchscreen-based electronic triage and real-time patient tracking system fully integrates with Meditech Admissions, Lab, Radiology and Order Entry.

ED Triage Speed patient flow with touchscreen based triage.

ED Touchscreens Touchscreens outside patient rooms let staff view and change patient information from any location.

Electronic whiteboard. The comprehensive tracker board can be projected on the wall, viewed over the web or shown on Plasma displays

Features & Benefits

Our touchscreen based ED system provides Patient Tracking, Registration, Documentation and Order Entry functionality.

Triage patients with speed and accuracy.
The design and layout of the triage process was designed with speed and accuracy in mind and has been refined over 5 years of operation to provide the most natural flow possible.
Manage rooms, patients and orders without touching a keyboard.
Logging in, starting programs and navigating menus takes precious time away from treating patients. All major functions are never more than 2 touches away.
Monitor patient results, status and location from the large tracker board.
The large electronic tracker board clearly shows all key patient information as the ED visit progresses including real-time clinical data.

Customize the solution to fit the way your ED works - not the other way around.
Our system was built to help the ED transition as smoothly and seamlessly as possible to an electronic process. We always recognize that the technology should support the way you prefer to work, rather than dictating an unfamiliar process.
See order, test, and exam status all in one place.
Logging in and out of multiple systems is time consuming and often frustrating. See all the pertinent patient information on our comprehensive patient tracker.
Monitor and improve patient flow with powerful reporting designed to highlight bottlenecks.
Bottlenecks in the ED can have a ripple effect throughout your entire healthcare system. We track and report over 14 different events automatically so you can view and analyze problems in real-time or retrospectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who designed the system? The system was originally designed by REAL ER clinicians working in a 40 bed ER.
  • Can we customize the system to fit our ED flow? Every aspect of this system is designed to make technology support the ED process. We will gladly change the system be make sure it fully supports your preferred flow.